Last Sunday, I was witness, again to an artist who knows her craft as well as any I have heard or seen in my lifetime.  From the first note to the last — she puts herself into every song — while maintaining total contact with the audience which was rapt and silent, so as not to miss a single note.

Janis selected her accompanists well. Jeff Colella, piano, and Larry Koonse, guitar,  are virtuosos in their own right.  They played with Janis’ dynamics perfectly and soloed with great artistry.

From old blues to a 60’s country song, to the writings of more sophisticated composers, she made it all jazz-worthy, giving her own spin on the performances.  Her full throated voice displayed her maturity in the best of ways.   She uses her voice to express the nuance of a lyric, or the gentleness of a melody.  Her upper range was delivered like a butterfly on your arm — producing the same chills.  Her range is to be delighted in.

She clearly loves what she does, and makes the listener more attentive and absorbent to the suspense of her next phrase.  She should not be missed — If she’s anywhere nearby — please make the time to see her.  How I love to hear and watch this woman sing!

-Sandy Cummings

Photos by Mark McDonald

Janis Mann Trio

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